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Sustainable Honey Comb Box Packaging

 Sustainable Honey Comb Box Packaging : You've got a great product, so don't skimp on your packaging. Your boxes and packaging need to fulfill several purposes. At a bare minimum, they should protect your items in transit, look good and not be wasteful. Custom boxes can fill this tall order. HC Packaging helps you at every step, from concept to delivery. Contact us NOW to customs your own packaging!

Product type: Honey Comb Packaging Boxes

Material: Corrugated board

Finishing: Pantone Printing

Accessories: Wraper - 350gsm C1S

Dimension: 16*8*6cm

Application:  Cosmetics, Fragrance, Fashion, Beauty, Confectionery, and Spirits industries. 

Certification: BSCI / FSC / SEDEX /Disney / ISO9001

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